First night at Hoi Chi Minh

After a 13 hour flight from Istanbul we arrived Vietnam, Hoi Chi Minh safe and sound. Loved the city in minutes! So here is couple of pictures I want to share from a couple of hours in the city…

First night, dinner at the hotel, not your regular dinner menu though. Easy, choose your seafood hand it to the waiter, chefs cook it for you, they grilled mine with and finished with garlic! The oysters were great, had a little octopus and toro, both lovely as well…
20130111-110834 PM.jpg20130111-110821 PM.jpg

Also on the buffet I found something very familiar. Dolma! Bitter gourd stuffed with pork, so similar to our dolma, anything stuffed!
20130111-110914 PM.jpg

After the dinner, we walked to the night market near the hotel. Tomorrow will hit again when every mini stall is open.
20130111-110927 PM.jpg