Istanbul Calling!

Istanbul is for all seasons, for all of you, all of us.

The Bosphorus, the seagulls, a ferry ride on a vapur cross the continents in a jiff,  walk around historical peninsula being amazed by history, culture, architecture… Walk around Galata, Tophane visit the other Istanbul, modern, hip, urban. Walk along the Bosphorus at  Bebek, Ortaköy, Arnavutköy… Days, even weeks are never enough, in this magical city, my home.

But there is something else in Istanbul, Istanbul is the cradle of cuisines in and around Turkey. You can eat all kinds of local food as well as Istanbul Cuisine. From street food to world class restaurants, from offal to zeytinyağlı, from rakı to Turkish coffee… There is something for your palate in İstanbul. is fun, informative with great photography, Istanbul and Turkish cuisine from a local’s point of view, what to eat, when to eat, the stories behind… Enjoy!

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