Procida, a fishermen island, a beautiful escape!

It was an escape, completely. What I needed and what I did. All I googled was island and Italy. Then booked ticket and booked a place to stay. Next I know, I was on the ferry from Naples to Procida.

Procida, Tuba ŞatanaProcida, Tuba Şatana

A very small old fishermen’s island, Prodica is a perfect spot for relaxing, swimming and reading!  I stayed at Casa Bormioli, a small walk from the Port of Procida, making my stay wonderful on the Island, the house is may be the most beautiful house on the island with the best owner.  Wonderful space in the room, the sitting room, balcony and bathroom downstairs, bedroom upstairs, high ceilings, breakfast of fresh bakeries and coffee, fruit, overlooking the lemon trees!

Casa Bormioli, overlooking lemon trees, Tuba Şatana

After settling down, I walked around and found myself at the Port of Corricella, small restaurants scattered around, one being full with locals, that’s where I said to myself. Grabbing the last empty table, amazed by the plates of food coming out of the kitchen, I ordered fritto misto di mare, mixture of fried seafood. A heap full of plate was plentiful and so fresh, goes well with white wine, some frizzante, families coming from beach, suntan, kids around, so relaxed and I felt like home… The place is called Bar Graziella, and became my stop for the following days. Fried anchovies, spaghetti with clams, penne with aubergines, mozzarella and tomatoes… In the afternoons the boat taking me to Port of Corricella so no walking up the flight of stairs back!

antipasti di mare, Tuba Şatanafritto misto di mare, Bar Graziella, Procida, Tuba ŞatanaBar Graziella, Procida, Tuba Şatana

Spent 3 days on the island, I rented an umbrella and chaise lounge at La Conchiglia Ristorante, right on the beach, so had couple of my lunches there. Ordering different kinds of antipasti as well as pasta made with clams, baby octopus, mussels… All so fresh, plentiful and delicious. After the long lunches I returned to my spot, having more sun and swimming in the mid cold sea, and drinking frizzante, reading my beloved book American Psycho…

Chiaia Beach, Procida, Tuba Şatana

I walked the island all along, had aperitivo afternoons, stopping at local bakeries around, stopping for coffee at every corner cafe, so happy days. Finally I have an escape route!


Casa Bormioli: Via Principe Umberto 86

Bar Graziella: Marina Corricella, 14

La Conchiglia: Via Pizzaco, 10