St. John, redevoured

Nose to tail eating, great service, humble atmosphere as well as a business restaurant. But you know these already.

Here is what we ate at our last visit. We started with bone marrow oh wait, I started with jumping almost on dearest Fergus Henderson. He was sitting enjoying his lunch and wine and I had to interrupt him, telling how big fan of his food and place… He seemed shocked and me being relieved by his humble and almost shy attitude. God bless him and the team!

Then the roast bone marrow with parsley salad, then the crispy pig’s skin and dandelion salad followed, leaving us with the terrine. (At my last trip to London, I had 3 different terrine at 3 restaurants by far this was the best)

Followed by braised rabbit with a sauce of mustard and bacon! give me a spoon and I am happy to sip every single drop of the sauce! A welsh rarebit and a green salad as side dishes. But people, behave! The Arbroath smokie and roasted parsnips!!! One of the best fish dishes in my entire life. The traditionally smoked haddock (a Scottish speciality) was finished with double cream sauce and everything it was a taste bomb in your mouth, the smokiness giving edge and cram and butter taking the edge and a piece of parsnip, and another… Never though about this combination before! a perfect match! we were amazed!

Gulped these down with cider from Briton, once again I could not taste the dessert menu, may be next time…

St. John, St. 26 St John Street, London

 St. John, by Tuba Şatana